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Handcrafted arts directly from the Peruvian Andes

Forged from the hands of the masters

We offer unique pieces crafted by the most acclaimed artisens in the Andes. Our work is superior quality, with originality that drips from the time honored traditions demonstrated in our work,ideal for home decor.

Working with sheep and alpaca wool on an Andean loom to make the most exquisite Peruvian tapestries, our artists channel tried and true practices of their ancient relatives. Our pieces tell the Peruvian story: vibrant scenes of cloud-piercing mountains, soulful portraits of the tormented, yet wise, and surreal depictions of mystical ritual. oil paintings in High quality using special techniques shows you our compromise with art and continue our culture showing a master originally and unique artwork pieces although the designs, using brilliant colors. The carved Gourds that is an important part of our Andean tradition and culture, using an important natural process to do it, shows you a story part of our culture, made from a master artist in this category.

“Painting with wool, that is my thought what I use like a technique to create and make my tapestries” - Leoncio Tinoco
“Do art is a great way of self-expression, my believes and my traditions althrough my paintings.” - Maria Leon
“When I make my artworks I think in one thing, add a little art piece for your life.” - Delia Garcia