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Leoncio Tinoco Rodriguez

Leoncio Tinoco Rodriguez- or Tino, was born in San Pedro de Cajas, Tarma in Peru. Son of Master weaver Feliciano Tinoco Meza, Tino was born into a family famous for the design and quality of their crafts. Alongside his wife and fellow artist Maria Leon, Tino shares his family’s gift for weaving magnificent and traditional Andean tapestries. In addition to his art, Tino and his family have also opened a volunteer program called Tinkuy Peru. Tinkuy Peru is a school-based program run by volunteers worldwide in order to help children from economically deprived families receive a better education in English and the Arts.

In addition to helping his community Tino has participated in various exhibitions alongside his father and sisters; Juana and Haydee. With their innovative and artistic motives, the family has gained international recognition that has allowed them to teach their traditional techniques from San Pedro de Cajas to the Art community, whilst creating unique weavings of their own. To commemorate, National Geographic displayed his tapestry “The Afghan Girl” in their headquarters in Washington DC.

In the most recent years Tino’s time has been divided his community project; Tinkuy Peru, his family, and his love of weaving. With the aid of volunteers at Tinkuy Peru, both Tino and his wife Maria’s artwork is now available for sale across the globe, in order to help fund their projects and allow the rest of the world to discover art from Tarma - "The Pearl of the Andes".

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Handicrafts Masters of Peru ( the book of big Masters from Peru )

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Recently the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru (MINCETUR) published the book Handicrafts Masters of Peru, including 18 Masters outstanding for their great artworks who also have the title of Amauta, our artist Leoncio Tinoco who is in the book representing the category of traditional tapestries of Peru.

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Traveling to United States

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Tino has also had the privilege to travel to the United States on several occasions for his expertise in the Artisan World. In 2000, he attended a press conference in the field, as well as taught about natural dying and textiles to high school students around Los Angeles. Novica and National Geographic also welcomed him in 2002 to be a guest lecturer in Manhattan, NY.

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Amauta Title

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Tino has also been awarded Peru’s Amauta Title and this title is linked to Incan history, with an Amauta being the wisest and most skilled living person in their profession. to win this title you need to become the best in your category.

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