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Maria Leon Marcelo

Maria’s early years were filled with the love of drawing faces and her family’s craft of weaving. Over the years she has developed her passion for art, supported by her fellow artist- and now husband Leoncio Tinoco (or Tino). Their connection and family encouraged Maria to learn more about art and lead to the opening of a Cultural Centre; Sumacc Huanca. This Centre allowed Maria and Tino to set up workshops for the local community, giving them the opportunity to learn about authentic Andean crafts and how to make them.

“It is a window to a whole new world where we can provide the opportunity to make great changes to Andean artists’ lives and support their families.”- Maria Leon Marcelo.

Sumacc Huanca grew, with plastic arts, drawing and oil paintings as forms of their artwork. What was once just a Cultural Centre turned into a school for the Arts; broadening Maria’s skill set and making room for her love of portraits. With the growth of Sumacc Huanca and the success of her husband’s artwork in the USA, the family took the opportunity to start up their own volunteer program Tinkuy Peru.

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Tinkuy Peru and Arttino

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Tinkuy Peru is a volunteer-run school which aids around 75 children from economically deprived families. Being based around expanding the students English and Art skills, this program is supported worldwide by various coordinators and volunteer groups. With the volunteers help, Maria’s artwork is now being sold through Art of The Andes, to help keep Tinkuy Peru alive and give back to the community what she has gotten out of it.

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