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Delia Garcia Inga

Delia Garcia was born on September 10, 1965 in Cochas, Peru. Her village, northwest of the city of Huancayo, is typically known for carving detailed Andean Gourds. Gourds are vegetables that are carved into traditional Peruvian pieces of artwork. Delia was enticed by the local craft from the young age of 7 and found an innate talent for it. Delia’s art has allowed her to participate in various National exhibitions and has awarded her International recognition.

“We engrave the gourds whilst our animals are grazing in the fields. This is just one of the reasons that our gourds are engraved with such originality and spirituality.” - Delia

It is typical in Andean culture for the entire family to be working to support each other. Unfortunately in many areas, it is not uncommon for the children to be out working at the young age of 6 or 7. For Delia, her early years involved helping her family herd sheep whilst her friends and neighbors carved gourds. Delia’s priorities meddled between herding sheep and helping her neighbors carve them into delicate pieces of art. With the motivational competition of design between Delia and her friends as well as her flair for art, Delia’s own gourd designs soon developed into a business. With the initial gourd sale going towards buying bread for her family, soon foreign tourists showed interest in her traditional Cocha artwork.

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Delia and Santa Fe Marketplace crafts

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Delia was selected to travel for Santa Fe Marketplace of crafts, she was one of the best on Peru who won a place here, her artworks made in high quality and beautiful designs are a good gift for any special date!

delia garcia

Something cool is comming soon!

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we are very excited to launch our new listing category of carved gourds, it will be interesting for us and for our customers, please feel free to visit and comment, it will be launched on February 28th !!

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